päd-aktiv e.V.

About us ...

päd-aktiv is a non-profit association based in Heidelberg and, as a youth welfare agency, has been developing activity-based concepts and services for educational work with children and young people for 38 years.

Since 1991, our areas of work have involved offering support services in all of Heidelberg's state schools as well as four all-day primary schools, support services for the primary schools in Bammental and Wilhelmsfeld as well as various holiday programmes for primary school children.

As a school social work agency, we have been working with three Heidelberg all-day schools for 25 years. We also operate daycare facilities for children aged 1 to pre-school within the Heidelberg region.

Since 2021, päd-aktiv has been involved in the planning, organisation and implementation of ‘Communal language development’ in 15 primary schools on behalf of the city of Heidelberg.

Together with over 400 employees, we innovatively and reliably support family-based tasks such as work-life balance and are involved in the education and childcare sector. We promote the individual, social and scholastic development of children and work to break down social disadvantages and ensure greater equal opportunities and education. The guidelines at päd-aktiv stand for a respectful, tolerant, committed, responsible and value-based approach.