The päd-aktiv office

The päd-aktiv office

The päd-aktiv office at Kurfürsten-Anlage 17/1, 69115 Heidelberg, in the city’s western district, pulls the organisational and administrative strings for all processes. 20 employees currently work here in total.

The office is also a central point for all päd-aktiv employees. The HR office is available to applicants and employees for various matters.

The Finance department is responsible for checking and settling invoices and managing grants. Furthermore, it is also the point of contact for management members with financial questions.

The departmental and divisional management levels involve strategic, coordinating and content-related tasks. They oversee subject-specific supervision of childcare services, school social work, daycare facilities and holiday clubs.

The association has dual leadership with two equal, full-time Executive Board members with their own areas of responsibility.

The office also has premises for work groups, further training and team meetings that are also used by päd-aktiv Akademie GmbH.