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The history of the organisation and its services

päd-aktiv was founded in 1983.

The founding members of päd-aktiv wanted to give teachers a political voice. Back in the 1980s, unemployment amongst teachers was high, and out-of-work teachers wanted to create meaningful job opportunities in education,

primarily working with those children who were often left behind in the established educational system, such as children from low-income or from immigrant families. In 1999, the organisation decided to leave adult education and devote itself to nurturing and supporting children and young people in schools and leisure time.

In 1991, the City of Heidelberg commissioned päd-aktiv with the wrap-around childcare programmes in Heidelberg primary schools. It was the start of a long and productive partnership between the city council, primary schools and päd-aktiv. In 2000, the city of Heidelberg asked päd-aktiv to develop a new childcare concept for school children as part of the 'primary school with fixed opening times'. Since then, the organisation has steadily expanded the available childcare opportunities for school children and developed new approaches and services.

In 2007, the first services were established in the Rhine-Neckar district, in the municipality of Bammental. In 2022, an additional service was introduced in the Wilhelmsfeld district.

Since 2016, the organisation has also operated daycare facilities for children aged between one and six years


The structure of the organisation

The most senior body is the Member’s Assembly. The management directs, coordinates and oversees the entire business, and represents the organisation in all commercial matters. The Supervisory Board advises the Executive Board and exercises control rights over the Member’s Assembly. The Supervisory Board is represented by both the parents' council and päd-aktiv works council.