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päd-aktiv offers primary schools and primary school special needs classes a variety of childcare programmes, as well as flexible after-school clubs in secondary schools, helping parents to balance work and family commitments.

The core of this work lies in encouraging and supporting children, and finds its roots in the three concepts “care, academic enrichment and life skills”. We aim to make our service accessible to all communities as a matter of principle. Supporting educational opportunities for all children, promoting equal social opportunities, integrating children while respecting diversity and difference are just as important to us as offering healthy lunch options and encouraging nutritional awareness.

We take social responsibility for the children entrusted to us, we foster their development and create a safe environment for them to experience and learn. The development of social skills and individuality plays a central role in our educative work, as these skills equip children contributing members of their communities. We also safeguard the Rights of the Child as articulated in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Our services excel due to our close working relationships with schools, and our taking into consideration the child’s school environment and academic development.

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